Who is Exequiel Palacios? The new Midfielder of Bayern Leverkusen

Many Argentines quickly recognize this young midfielder. Palacios was considered by many to be the best midfielder of the Argentine Super League. This young player of only 21 years recently signed for Bayern Leverkusen after a good step by River Plate.

One of the great revelations of Marcelo Gallardo's team was Palacios. With only 20 years he was already standing out in River Plate team thanks to his great skills. At River, he played as an offensive midfielder and was a fundamental part of the team in 2018.

All River Plate fans remember him with great affection for the final of the Copa Libertadores 2018. This grand final was played in Madrid where River Plate beat Boca Juniors for 3 to 1. Palacios was a fundamental part of the squad during the competition.

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His first steps by the hand of Gallardo

Marcelo Gallardo was always a specialist when it comes to training young players, so it is not surprising that Palacios has resulted in an excellent footballer. At a young age, by 2016 Marcelo made his debut at a very young age to begin giving him a roll in the first team.

However, it was not until 2017 when he began to be part of the first team. River Plate was constantly rising his good game, so the turnover of players to Europe was normal year after year. After a good 2017 in which he won a place among the substitutes, Palacios started 2018 being a fundamental part of the team.

Many of us had doubts about whether Palacios was ready for the first team. However, he needed few games in the first team to make clear his good skills. Each play that went towards the attack passed first through the feet of Palacios.

Exequiel became a fundamental game dealer for River Plate. Each time he dominated a ball, it ended in a clear attack occasion for River. This was clearly demonstrated in a great 2018 in which he gave 7 assists in 36 games.

The great jump to the Bundesliga

After obtaining the Copa Libertadores 2018, River Plate became the best team in America. The good game he showed in each game led him to have great recognition throughout the world, and after a great 2019 his transfer to the European leagues was immediate.

This year Bayern Leverkusen has been a great highly competitive team. As always, you can watch the game on lmisports to see the great performance that Palacios and his fellow player demonstrate in Bayern Leverkusen.

His arrival at Bayern Leverkusen aroused the attention of many Bundesliga fans. Bayern had already bought Lucas Alario who was also directed by Gallardo. All fans expect Palacios to demonstrate similar and even superior performance than the one he showed on River Plate.

No one doubts the abilities of this young promise. He has already made it clear in River Plate that he is predestined to become one of the best midfielders in the world, and he has already demonstrated it among Bundesliga fans who quickly became fans of his abilities.


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